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Our services.


In the context of servicing private individuals’ tax affairs, our accounting office with knowledge and responsibility undertakes:

– Issuance of VAT number
– Issue Key.
– Personnel Changes
– Details (Residential address, Bulletin Number
– Identity card, other personal data) in TAXIS.
– Declaration of changes in personal data of a taxpayer to the D.O.Y.
– Completion and electronic submission of tax returns
– E1, E2 declarations.
– Completion and electronic submission of E9 Real Estate Declarations.
– Direct calculation and printing of the tax due on the tax return.
– Tax calculation.
– Calculation of Documents.
– Debt Adjustment Applications.
– Application for a Family Card
– A21 allowance, Social dividend, oil – heating allowance, etc.
– Printing traffic fees.
– Printing an electronic order form.
– Deposit of rental documents in TAXIS via internet.
– Private agreements of any kind in cooperation with a lawyer.
– Inheritance Tax declarations, Parental Benefits, Donations, Inheritance in cooperation with a Notary.

– Printing of TAXIS data (Income Tax Return, Income Tax Statement, Payment ID, etc.).

– Receipt of tax information via internet (in case of non-existence of debts) or from the Public Tax Office (in case of existence of debts for which a regulation has been made).
– Processing of relevant cases at the competent tax office.
– Advice on living expenses for the most advantageous solution and avoiding high taxation.
– Amending, supplementary declarations of previous years where necessary.
– Tax advice on handling issues of presumptions and tax returns to avoid additional taxes.
– Guidance on reducing the tax corresponding to income from real estate.
– Calculation of the balance of capital to be consumed from previous years.
– Employment of domestic staff.
– Advice on labour – insurance issues.
– Printing of pensioners’ earnings statements from Insurance Funds.

Greek expatriates - permanent residents abroad

We undertake your representation in Greece and the handling of all kinds of business. All your obligations to the tax authorities of foreign residents as your tax representatives, for the processing of all kinds of business, submission of income tax returns, real estate, issuing certificates, updates, tax payments, etc., after consultation with us.

The laws in Greece are known to be constantly changing. We have the experience and the potential to safeguard your property. We also inform you at the time you are interested in the latest developments and final decisions of the laws.

Payroll - Labour - Insurance

The services offered by our accounting firm in this area are the following:

– Employer’s inventory in the IKA.
– Statements by employee and fund.
– Working hours schedules and employee leave book.
– Recruitment, contracts, departures, redundancies, part-time employment.
– Calculation of the cost of newly recruited staff based on the current Collective Labour Agreements (CBAs).
– Information on labour issues (leave, working hours, collective agreements, sickness).
– Informing the company about changes to Collective Labour Agreements. Advice on subsidies – staff grants.
– OAED grant and loan programmes for employers.

– Notification-electronic submission of all forms for employees, in the online system of the SEPE, ERGANI.
– Electronic submission of an Analytical Periodic Declaration (ARD) to EFKA via the Internet.
– Electronic issuance of insurance information to the EFKA via the Internet.
– Pay Payroll Tax (PAYE) monthly and annually.
– Liabilities to provident funds.
– Safety technician and safety physician issues.
– Presence to solve any problem with all insurance funds – Labour Inspectorate – O.A.E.D. – K.E.P.E.K. etc.


As is known in our country, especially in recent years, there is no permanent tax regime. Businesses cannot make proper forecasting and planning due, on the one hand, to the polynomial, on the other hand, to the constant changes of the relevant laws and regulations.

For this reason, it is necessary for businesses to cooperate with experienced, reliable and fully informed tax firms so that the qualified tax staff can guide responsibly and prevent unpleasant consequences of tax audits such as fines, surcharges and additional taxes.

In this area the accounting office provides you with the following tax services:

zaxaropoulos alkis

– Tax technical support for companies and control of their compliance with tax legislation.
– Provision of tax advice according to the sector and the field in which each company operates.
– Dealing with tax audits and settling tax arrears.
– Provision of Specialized Advice on tax issues for legal entities and individuals.

– Representation in tax matters before the competent authorities.
– Guidance on the implementation of new tax provisions.
– Settlement of pending tax cases.
– Support during tax audits.
– Processing of all tax obligations of legal and natural persons.
– Tax support on large real estate and real estate transactions.
– Tax advice on covering presumptions.
– Settlement of outstanding issues for foreign residents.


zaxaropoulos alkis

Our accounting office, with its many years of experience and full knowledge of accounting and tax legislation, offers comprehensive accounting services in all categories of books, either at your company headquarters or at our office. Our experienced and specialized staff, in combination with modern technical equipment, undertakes the maintenance and full accounting monitoring of your business activities as well as the sending via TAXISNET of all electronic declarations, while we also undertake all your transactions with the tax authorities.

In this area we provide the following services:

– Design and development of the company form according to the needs of the client.
– Organisation and supervision of business accounting.
– Integrated bookkeeping in our office.
– Keeping accounting books of all categories.
– Accounting audit and supervision of all types of companies (SA, IKE, LLC, Private Companies, Non-profit companies, etc.).
– Full implementation of the accounting plan with a view to serving the information needs of the company.
– Completion of accounting statements fully compliant with existing legislation.
– Processing of bureaucratic tasks and transactions with the public sector (Tax Office, Tax Office, Tax Office of the Social Insurance Fund, GEMI, Chambers of Commerce).
– Completion of the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account.
– Monthly analysis of results and economic policy making.

– Start-ups of new enterprises (Individual, General, Limited, Limited, Limited Liability Companies, Private Limited Companies, Private Equity Companies, Public Limited Companies, Civil Companies, profit or non-profit).
– Updating and maintenance of the Accounting Books (B’ category) and Double-entry (C’ category).
– Tax support and information on everything related to the Code of Tax Accounting for Transactions (K.F.A.S.).
– Submission of periodic VAT returns.
– Submission of withholding tax declarations (VAT, VAT etc.).
– Declarations of special property tax (SIT) for legal persons.
– Account agreements (Customer-Supplier, -Bank and Treasury Agreement).
– Submission of Aggregated Customer Statements & Suppliers.
– Submission of Intrastat, Listing and VIES Intra-Community Import and Export Declarations.

– Submission of Annual Tax Returns E1, E2, E3, Form N etc.
Submission of Annual Tax Returns E1, E2, E3, Form N
– Company Changes.
– Company mergers.
– Company Holidays.
– Advisory Services.
– Continuous monitoring of the financial progress of the business and timely information of the entrepreneur on any steps to be taken.
– Informing the client about any new tax – insurance provisions that concern him/her and are in the benefit of the company (tax relief, development incentives, subsidies, etc.).