Pre-filled business records for the declaration in the register of installers

The possibility provided by the AADE application is available to professionals, who provide technical support to businesses, for the interface of POS – cash registers, to download excel files, with data declared by them, through the D11 form, for the if the checkout is active.

It is recalled that, last Friday, March 15, 2024, the Register of Provided Technical Support Services was put into operation.

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myAADEapp, the new application for direct and easy access to digital services from the mobile

myAADEapp, the new innovative application of the Independent Public Revenue Authority for mobile devices, was presented today by the Governor of AADE, George Pitsilis. Greetings were delivered by the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, and the Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, Haris Theocharis.

myAADEapp offers the digital services of AADE to citizens and businesses at any time, wherever they are, through their mobile phone, also functioning as a tax agenda, which informs them of their tax obligations, while at the same time allowing them to download and save useful documents.

In particular, the new application offers a comprehensive set of functions, such as:

  • Access your tax account in real time for information on current tax debts and refund amounts
  • Instant secure debt payments, directly from the app, via IRIS or by card
  • Contact information management and IBAN declaration for tax refunds
  • Track and manage Requests and Appointments
  • Access to “My Messages” to receive and manage personalized messages from AADE
  • Specialized real-time alerts for citizens, professionals and tax professionals, as well as personalized tax updates
  • myWallet, to add and store essential documents such as Registration Details, Tax Awareness, Traffic Fees and certificates for easy access
  • Direct access to AADE’s appodixi application for easy scanning and checking of receipts
  • Possibility of quick login using PIN or biometrics, choice of language (Greek/English) and application color theme
  • Locating AADE services on a map with Geolocation capability and displaying contact information
  • Tap-To-Call facility at the AADE Taxpayer Service Center

Watch HERE the informative video of AADE.

As said by Mr. Hatzidakis, “AADE comes even closer to the citizen by utilizing modern technologies. The new mobile application myAADEapp functions as a tax calendar and also as a “tax alarm clock” for citizens and businesses in order to meet their obligations to the Tax Office on time and not to lose their arrangements in this way. This application is a daily ally for millions of taxpayers for a series of tax transactions, to better inform them about payment deadlines, for tax refunds, etc. Together with AADE, we continue to reduce barriers and intensify the digitization of citizens’ and businesses’ transactions. The initiatives that we already legislated at the end of 2023 also move in this direction and contribute to the digital transformation of our tax system, such as the universal application of myData in businesses, the expansion of electronic invoices, the establishment of the digital consignment note and the electronic customer list as well as the emblematic project of the interconnection of POS with cash registers which is now in its final stage of implementation”.

Ο κ. Papastergiou stated that “The digital transformation of the state was not an accidental condition, it is the result of a collective effort that continues to be implemented consistently following the vision of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for a new brighter and more interactive Greece. At the Ministry of Digital Governance, we work systematically to make everyday life friendlier, with less bureaucracy, for citizens, businesses, and the Public Administration itself. Both the AADE app, as well as a series of other major projects, such as the Personal Number or the Abolition of the Issuance of Certificates which we institute in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, are important reform sections. Our inescapable goal is to win the most valuable resource every day, the trust of citizens and businesses in the state and its institutions.”

Mr. Theocharis pointed out that “The launch of the myAADEapp application today is a milestone for the operation of the Greek State in general. And for that, perhaps a little more than everyone else, we at the Ministry of National Economy and Finance are particularly happy, but also proud. Because with the myAADE app, the terms of financial transactions with the State change. The entire relationship of the tax-paying citizen with the state and the financial authorities is fundamentally changing. Without exaggeration, the myAADE app is what Anglo-Saxons like to call a “game changer”. The launch of the myAADE app is an additional, tangible proof of the mentality that governs the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the New Democracy: All-round progress, substantial provision of services to the citizen, technological and digital acceleration in order to cover the lost ground from the international environment, a delay which is due to objective difficulties, sometimes to hesitations or even negligence of our predecessors”.

Ο κ. Pitsilis emphasized that “myAADEapp reflects our commitment to modernization and citizen-centric service. Our new mobile app provides instant access to our tax services, offering a faster, friendlier and more secure experience for all citizens. It is the first step for the next generation AADE, making it easier for citizens to be consistent with their obligations, from wherever they are on Earth.”


Extension of the deadline for submitting Y.D. Accountants-Tax Technicians year 2024

New Notice to Accountants-Tax Technicians for the Submission of the D.D. of Law 4093/2012 of the Year 2024

In order to ensure the identification of tax accountants in TAXISNET and not to remove their access to the AADE systems for the year 2024, we are extending until Friday, March 29, 2024, the deadline that was given with the announcement of February 29, 2024.

The file of tax accountants who meet the conditions for the electronic submission of tax returns will be sent to AADE on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.